Steps to make gold? Steal it, you are safe!

25 Jan 2022 07:16

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I really love that in like every other mmos they bring it intent on when someone take/Steal from the whole company/guild, but no not new world, here it's all for themself even when its a bug/exploit

Before people goes “why did he have a rank then?”
Thats why I wrote its a bug/exploit as the game “forces” someone to become a rank concuil if it is none buy new world gold, as our “leader” left and our only council got govenour, (we had no concuil) So the game auto picked itself without and hint about this or let him decided one, therefore it gave it someone random in the organization unlucky it was a person with 0 trust.

(yes its written in most of the tickets to AGS/amazon)

Merry Christmas in the event that you manage to get some gold over the holiday season!

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