Cartoon Tattoos - Why Do People Go For Cartoon Tattoos?

28 Dec 2021 06:55

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Cartoon tattoos are cute and show off your child like side. But surely, there are other reasons why people find cartoon tattoos more appealing:

  • People do not necessarily focus on cartoon designs for tattoos being cute and appealing. Although, yes it IS indeed cute and appealing, but there are people who choose carton designs that have a significant and deep meaning in their lives.
  • Getting a classic cartoon design for your tattoo enables you to show to everybody who would bother to look that you have a child like sense of humor and that kid you used to be is still in you somewhere. This shows the world that you do not take yourself too seriously and would give out the impression that you are an easy going and fun loving type of person.
  • Cartoon tattoos help you to live your life from your innocent childhood days to the biting realities of adulthood. There are also people who like to combine serious tattoo designs with light funny cartoon character designs ugly cartoons. This gives an unexpected twist in the designs and is really funny and unusual.
  • There are also guys who opt to have the cute looking female anime characters' faces tattooed on their bodies. These cute and sexy realistic looking designs were derived to the Japanese cartooning style. The sexy and adult twist to the generally cute animated faces gives the appeal that is normally needed for a tattoo art. People normally like to combine these anime art to tribal tattoo designs and japans characters which gives the designs the needed eastern touch to it.
  • Cartoon tattoos would not be complete without the heroes and villains designs. For those people who are able to identify with a specific character to either side, you can go and have that character tattooed on you. Or for added fun, have one good guy and one bad guy tattooed on each of your arms so you can have an epic battle going on every day for the rest of your life.
  • There are also people who have the face of a particular TV star tattooed and while this is really up to the person getting the tattoo, artists do not usually think this a good idea as nobody really lasts that long in show business anyway.
  • Ranking among the favorites in the cartoon character tattoo arena are bugs bunny, Tweety bird, daffy duck, Donald duck, goofy, Mickey and Minnie mouse and of course - Tinkerbell. Oh and yes, Bart Simpson is also very popular.
  • Getting a cartoon character as a subject of your tattoo is really an opportunity to show off your young and innocent side. It is a testament to humor and looking at life at an easy going pace.

Always remember though that tattoos are a permanent deal. So make sure that the cartoon character you would have tattooed on your body would be worth your time and pain. Well, tattoo removal is possible these days, that is a fact but that is a more expensive and quite more painfully process altogether. Oh and it doe leave ugly scars, too. SO you better make up your mind if having a tattoo is something you really want to do.

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